Lenovo brand Moto has broken the stagnation in smartphone design and form by making Moto Mods public. Now, we are going to see one of these projects that are compulsory the Edge LED notification light.

Nowadays, smartphones by almost all vendors are similar in form factor. Lenovo brand Moto tried to stand out with its Moto Mods that can be hit at the back of its Z smartphones. These mods are accessories that can boost some attributes on your Moto Z series of smartphones, on the other hand also making them more stylish.

Moto Z Series Holds a Fresh Moto Mod - The Edge LED Notification Light
Moto Z Series Holds a Fresh Moto Mod – The Edge LED Notification Light

Until today, the Moto Mods have been made accessible by only the makers themselves or big 3rd parties such as JBL, having vistas for various smaller projects by Kickstarter to begin making their own Moto Mods made developed by developer program.

The Edge Moto Mod drives at making you alert for the only phone notifications that you wish to stay alerted about. The lighting system is RGB for the Z series of Moto smartphones that shines when a notification comes to your smartphone in 4 patterns of different nature. You are enabled to customize various apps to send notifications on the phone with a glut of color-palette colors. Besides, it is also possible to see both charging and battery status, personalize SMS, smart save, make notification groups or sets and customize phone calls along with auto switch on and switch off features. All the things mentioned above are manageable via a dedicated application.

Edge Air and Edge Force are 2 variants of the mod. The first mod supports a system of wireless charging for the smartphones and the latter one packs a 2000mAh battery.

To remember, Motorola’s last year partner Indiegogo campaign was joined by them to support mod development for the Moto Z series of smartphones, with its program to open Module Development Kit for minor 3rd party makers.


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