Are you aware of the fact that young teenagers have widely adopted instant messaging applications (IM’s)? If your answer is no, then you should need to know the fact and figures about the usage of the social messaging app in teen’s life. It is no doubt about that the IM’s is the rising feature of teen’s life. In the contemporary tech-lover world, teens are masters to keep them busy after school timings up to way bedtime. Whenever they got free time they are busy in an online world. WhatsApp is one of the most influential messengers on teen’s life. Teens usually seem busy in making conversations, texting, sharing, trolling, scrolling you name it on WhatsApp messenger.

One thing is sure that teens are learning to do most of their communication on their smartphone screen, not with any other person.

Monitor Teens WhatsApp Conversations
Monitor Teens WhatsApp Conversations

On the other hand, teens are growing with more anxiety and along with a lack of self-esteem. So, parents are in a deep depression when they realize how conversations on WhatsApp destroying their teen’s life.

There are following hazards which may occur in teen’s life with the obsession of making conversations on social media app.

  • Vulnerability to Bullying
  • Sharing personal information
  • Victimize by stalkers
  • Inappropriate Video Content
  • Health issues

What parents need to do, According to the NSPCC Tips?

  • Make a brief discussion with your teens of different ages, ask them which sites or application they like the most. Make a list and does some research work about these websites and social applications.
  • Think positive about what you have seen but also be open about what sort of concerns you have regarding some social websites or applications.
  • Ask your child being a friend, about what he/she thinks about what is appropriate; involve your teens in a conversation. Try know there believes and thoughts, they will feel involved in decision making.
  • Always prepare for the reason and logics your teens may put in front of you that his friends who also use messengers such as Whatsapp, facebook, Tinder and many others and make conversations as well. Stay ready to discuss your concerns and reasons, but make a judgment is they are agreeing with you or not.

How to monitor WhtasApp conversations of teens?

The rain of technological creatures and increasing number of issues due to tech gadgets with the internet, the social media websites and social messaging apps like WhatsApp force developers to create spy applications to monitor each activity of young teens on their smartphone devices to protect them from all social app’s hazards.

Therefore, we have plenty of monitoring applications to monitor instant messenger conversations such as TheOneSpy monitoring app. It is the best solution for spying instant messenger conversations, for example, chat, group chat and audio and video calling conversations.

So, if you have made your mind to dig into WhatsApp conversations then install the TOS monitoring application on your target device, and track WhatsApp messaging. You just need to use monitor WhatsApp logs of IM’s social media feature of the surveillance app.

Then you will be able to spy on written chats, audio & video conversations and shared content along with the complete time stamp. The user can get all relevant information from its control panel. You just need to make sure to plug the device with the internet connection.


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