Facebook users were compelled to install Messenger earlier saying the chat section will be removed from the main app and now it is the time for Moments, a private photo sharing app from Facebook. Facebooks’s latest move is to warn people to install the Moments app or download the synced album giving a deadline of 7th July as the synced album will be deleted from Facebook after the mentioned date.

The large social networking site is spreading the message through notification while they have taken a further step to email users also.

Facebook Moments
Facebook Moments

It is assumed that most of the users have forgotten about the synced album concept. Facebook had an optional photo-syncing feature which was launched in iOS in 2012 that let users copy photos from their Smartphone to Facebook so that it becomes easy later on to search the photos and to share them with friends. This uploaded photo was stored in an album which is called as synced album. And what Facebook wants to say is that the album is going away on 7th July but not all the photos on your Facebook. Also, it will not affect the shared photos and videos on Facebook.

But most of the users could not get this point and thought Facebook will delete the photos archive if they do not install Moments while some users are angry as according to them Facebook is pushing another app to the users after Messenger.

It is The Time for Moments

However it really worked well for Messenger that helped the app to get back its lost rank in the App Store, and it is the time for Moments app, already the app saw a huge growth in ranking in the App Store. This campaign was started a while back and now the suggestion turned into harsh deadline so that users go for the installation of Moments app soon.


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