Google has now adjusted its algorithms such that sites it considers to be “mobile-friendly” will – from today, Tuesday – rank higher on the advertising colossus search listings, if they are searched for from a mobile device.

Inevitably, the move has activated issue such that organizations – specifically small online players – will be punished by the “Mobilegeddon” update.

In light of a week ago’s preliminary decision brought by Brussels’ rival boss against Google’s alleged abuse of dominance in the European Union, a few analysts have described Mountain View’s most recent algorithmic change as an attack on SMBs that work in the 28-member-state bloc.

On the other hand, while Google might undoubtedly hamper the search rankings of numerous sites that are accessed via mobile devices, just a couple have noticed that mobile remains an tough place to rake in commercial incomes – even for the biggest players out there today.

Which is arguably a key reason why some site owners have been moderate to invest into the mobile biz.

In June a year ago, previous Financial Times Silicon Valley scribe Tom Foremski claimed that “even Google” was “experiencing difficulty” with profiting from mobile ads.

Thus, its most recent algorithm switch may be bad news for sites that suck on mobes, but it won’t solve the issue that organizations of all sizes face with shrinking ad incomes as the transition to mobile builds.

Google is clearly in a race to the bottom against the siloed free content ad platform Facebook and it apparently wants to drag all of us down there, too.


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