June 2, 2016, was a milestone for Microsoft when Minecraft reached the 100 million sales across various platforms including Mac, PC, mobile and consoles. The developers of the game Mojang broadcast on their website thanking their customers for the achievement. An average of 53,000 copies has been sold every day since the starting of this year. More than 400 million people revolve around this game every month tinkering around with a blocky shovel, axe, and a sword. There are very few games which have reached the 100 million spot.

The achievement of the game could be accredited to the boundless prospective and the open edifice of the game. The players can give shape to their imaginations, provided the geometric objects are made of simple colorful blocks. The fact that the developers have concentrated on the creativity of the game is why people of all ages have been attracted to it and continues to play it even after years of its release. Mojang has made efforts to continuously update the game by adding new materials, mechanics and creatures. The suppleness of Minecraft has made it a hit in coding, classroom, teaching art, geology and many other subjects.

Minecraft Touches The 100 Million Sales Mark
Minecraft Touches The 100 Million Sales Mark

What Would Be the Future of Minecraft?

When Microsoft bought Mojang two years back, many pondered what would be the future of Minecraft. The expectations were a sequel, Windows Phone, PC or Xbox. Rather the game was made available on more platforms and there has been no word of any sequel. Alternatively, there is a spin-off series by Telltale Games, HoloLens version of the game and procurement of MinecraftEdu version of Minecraft which has been exclusively made for the education system. News for the citizens of China; there is going to be a version purely for them.

The acceptance of the game does not seem to be fading away. A limited story with marvelous graphics isn’t something that Minecraft has but the unending charm which captures the hearts of young children who grow with the game. Minecraft will carry on selling astonishing numbers as long as Mojang continues to allure them.




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