Some big changes are noticed in the Commercial Usage Guidelines of Minecraft that left the advertisers in slight confusion. Minecraft is no doubt a very popular game and it has managed to grow the number of players massively in the last few years. The popularity of this game is so high that most of the companies are finding it much suitable to advertise their unrelated products and for the organizations, it became the viable place to promote their cause, service and products.


According to Mojang’s Owen Hill, who is formerly of this community, they really want to help their community in making money by showing off their creativity but it is bit unsatisfied when selling or promoting the unrelated products and service become the main purpose of Minecraft mode, server or map.

Commercial Usage Guidelines of Minecraft

As per the Commercial Usage guidelines of the game, the non-profit groups, politicians, ad-agencies and corporations are actually not permitted to create game content in order to promote or market their products. For example, a restaurant cannot promote their business by building a restaurant made of Minecraft block, similarly, if it is about a movie studio, the agency is not allowed to make use of Minecraft blocks to build fictional worlds or any characters. The policy also states that fans are still free to utilize Minecraft contents to represents things and this is where the guideline looks confusing and bit hazy.

So when someone starts promoting a product in game server, how to know that whether he is a fan or a paid employee? However, if anything is not mentioned in the guidelines it is best to avoid that. If anything is not covered in the guidelines and if anyone is interested in doing that, the best option is to seek for permission and go ahead for that.


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