According to a Telegraph source, Apple has secretly concurred with mobile operators to build a tool to offer iPhone users some help with exporting their contacts, photographs and music over to Android gadgets.

The charged reason the application is being made is that European telecoms are experiencing issues offering Android gadgets to iPhone users because of the intricacies included while exchanging, saying they just see a minor part of users ever switch. Operators said they are dependent on revenue from iPhone sales for the vast majority of their benefits.

This tool will go about as an offset to the Move to iOS application which Apple released this past Autumn with iOS 9. The Move to iOS application offers former Android users some assistance with importing contacts, message history, photographs, videos, web bookmarks, mail accounts, calendars and free applications to their new iPhone.

The advancement of the rumored application is a bit strange given Apple’s attitude on seller lock-in. Just in the last few weeks we’ve heard Apple plans to scrap the 3.5mm earphone jack which is available on pretty much every digital gadget on the planet from stereos and TVs to computers, telephones and tablets. Apple has additionally used its own charging connectors on gadgets up until now too, rather than MicroUSB (now superseded by USB Type-C) which is typical on most smartphones.

No further details have been released on the application, it’s not known when the application will be made available, if at all.

Source: The Telegraph


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