Before we get into a debate whether PS4 Neo (which is not revealed this E3) will be taken over by a most powerful version of Xbox, the project S of Xbox (S for Scorpio), the release date is the holiday of the year 2017. Microsoft’s media briefing team said Xbox One S will be “the most powerful console ever created”, and it will sit alongside Xbox One, which means all the accessories will be compatible. Project Scorpio will feature six teraflops of GPU for a “premiere console gaming experience” including 4K gaming and high fidelity virtual reality. There are, however, some important parameters to know:


Regarding price, as we know it, 2TB model will be $399, 500GB model will be $299, and 1TB model will be $349. The pre-order is up at Microsoft’s website as well.

Microsoft’s Xbox One S
Microsoft’s Xbox One S

Tech Features

Xbox One S will be sleeker, and slimmer than current Xbox One. Microsoft promises it to be 40% smaller. In fact, there are unique small holes in the body, which gives it a new style as well. There’s also a vertical stand so you can have the console upright. It looks like white is the only option for now, and Microsoft calls that white “Robot White“. Despite its smaller size, Microsoft has found a way to fit the power brick inside the console, so you don’t have to hide it anywhere behind the TV.

Xbox One S will Support 4K Ultra HD Video Output for Blu-ray

According to Chris from PC Advisor, “More exciting that the design, are some upgrades regarding hardware. The Xbox One S will support 4K Ultra HD video output for Blu-ray and streamed content such as Amazon Video and Netflix – not gaming which Project Scorpio will support. It also High Dynamic Range (HDR), a technology found in some of the latest TVs.”

Sony PS4 Neo
Sony PS4 Neo

The new Xbox One S proves to be very intriguing. As an online poll says, around 70% of current Xbox users are looking to upgrade their consoles to the latest model, which is, in fact, an excellent feedback from the users. Let’s wait till holidays of 2017 until the Scorpio is out.


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