Yeah! Minecraft is finally coming to China. This is after Microsoft announced a deal with a local publisher to launch the game in the country. Microsoft is engaged in a partnership with Mojang, a Swedish-based company which is responsible for creating Minecraft and NetEase, a Chinese game publisher.

Minecraft currently has around 100 million subscribers globally and Microsoft seems like they want to expand the user base by venturing into the most populated country in the world. The company moved to sign a five-year deal with NetEase so that they can launch the game on the PC and mobile device platform in China.

Microsoft's Minecraft Goes to China
Microsoft’s Minecraft Goes to China

Mojang, which was purchased by Microsoft a few years ago for $2.5 billion is set to make a Chinese specific Minecraft game. The company did not announce if there was going to be any changes in the nee version they would make for the Chinese market. There is also no release date announced yet for the Chinese Minecraft game.

NetEase has been the popular publisher which is often used by Western companies to launch their games in China. The company is also in partnership with Blizzard, makers of the popular game World of Warcraft.

In a post, the CEO of Mojang wrote that the company would love to have embraced all opportunities to expand and grow the game to all audiences in the world. He also said that the company was delighted to work with NetEase because the company understood the company’s values, ideals, and ambitions. He finished by saying that he looked forward to a great partnership with the Chinese firm. Owen Hill, responsible for creative communications at Mojang said the partnership was fantastic.

The CEO and founder of NetEase, William Ding said in a statement that they were ecstatic to bring the worldwide game to China audiences and expected an embracement of the game by the Chinese people. He also established that the company had a good report of launching Western made games successfully in the country and the experience would come in handy for Minecraft also. “We believe this cooperation could leverage the strengths of both Mojang and NetEase, as well as provide the world’s largest audience with a superior user experience,” he said.


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