Microsoft has released its Hub Keyboard app on iOS. The release of Apple App Store follows an earlier release of the app on Android which was back in February. Hub Keyboard, a product of the company’s experimental app making an outfit, Microsoft Garage, mixed a nice minimal design with some powerful search buttons on top. You can scroll through OneDrive files and be able to drop instant links in chat messages, or you can copy and paste information by linking your address book.

The app is free for App Store users, but to be able to use it on the iPhone you have to put on full access in iPhone’s settings to use the full useful functions of the Hub Keyboard.

Most of the Microsoft Garage apps do not usually get much attention, probably because Microsoft always releases a new one almost every few weeks there is a chance to. The Hub Keyboard, however, looks like a very polished and worked on Garage app which consists of a sleek design coupled with some useful features, though they might be for those willing to link an Office 365 account.

The keyboard might just be the work focused keyboard that iOS needs right now and as we wait for Google’s own iPhone keyboard in the making it can take a vast majority of space. Microsoft also owns the SwiftKey, which it recently bought so it has plenty of keyboard software to work with if Google eventually comes on the market too.


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