Several rumors have surfaced till date about the Xbox All Access Service of Microsoft. And finally, the company has launched this service to put an end to all the rumors. The new service called as Xbox All Access is actually a financing program. It will allow you access to an Xbox console, hundreds of Xbox games and the Xbox Live. And all of these will be available for a monthly fee. The fee will vary again depending on the console you are taking. It’s a two-year service, And you can keep the console with you after the end of two years.

So, this Xbox All Access service is pretty helpful in case you are not ready to spend money one at a time.

Microsoft Finally Launches Their Xbox All Access Service
Microsoft Finally Launches Their Xbox All Access Service

Users need to pay $22 per month to get an Xbox One S Console. They will get this console, access to Xbox Live and Game Pass for two years in this deal.

However, you need to pay $35 per month in case you are eager to win an Xbox One X. Also, users need to visit their nearest Microsoft Stores to get this offer. Microsoft stores are very rare, so this will require you to surf the internet deeply.

Another point to be noted is that this deal is available only in the US. So, if you are a resident of the US, its good news for you.

In case some users are not happy with the deal and they plan to cancel the contract before two years, then they will owe Microsoft for the unpaid portion of the hardware. So, the deal is really impressive.

And not just the Xbox One S or Xbox One X, rather all the bundle of Xbox will be available in this service. The prices will definitely vary even though and you can check that better in the Microsoft stores.

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