If you have long waited to buy an Xbox One console but the huge price has restricted you, then it’s the time to have one. Microsoft is planning to launch a new service called Xbox All Access.

Xbox All Access‘ is a two-year agreement for three things in one package. The stuff includes Xbox One console, Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass. This is a two-year subscription plan and will be available for a monthly fee.

Microsoft Plans For The Xbox All Access Service To Help Gamers Save Money
Microsoft Plans For The Xbox All Access Service To Help Gamers Save Money

If you plan to have an Xbox One S, then you need to pay only $22 per month to enjoy all the above-mentioned services. But for the Xbox One X console, you should pay $35 per month. The subscription will run for two years. At the end of two years, you can cancel the service and retain the hardware with you.

This Xbox All Access Service will help gamers save a lot of money. And also they are not required to spend hundreds of dollars in just one go.

Here is a detail calculation that will show how you are benefitted through this service

  • The Xbox One S will cost you $230. If you want to spend on subscription, get ready to pay $360 more. Total spending is $230 +$360= $590.
  • Now coming to the Xbox One S subscription plan, you need to pay a total amount of $528 over two years ($22 per month).
  • So, the Xbox All access plan can help you save $590-$528= $62 over two years.

The same calculation will be applicable for the higher Xbox One X console as well. The Xbox One X console will cost you $860 in total. But the two-year subscription will cost you $840 in two years.

So, you can easily save some amount of money through this Xbox All access service.

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