Around a year ago, Microsoft officials felt strongly that they will be able to hit the billion mark by mid-2018. It was a confident announcement and the internet took to tweets, posts and many news blogs flooded us with the announcement. While Microsoft is likely to reach the expected mark of 1 billion, it may take longer than mid-2018.

Microsoft had a splendid start with Windows 10 reaching 350 million monthly active devices. The company was counting on the Windows phones when Terry Myerson, Microsoft Windows, and Device chief had claimed the original expectation of the company. The 1 billion mark was meant to be reached with Windows 10 running on a variety of devices like desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, gaming consoles and the like. However, the sales of Windows phones dropped by mid-2015 and the forecasted 1 billion mark became difficult to achieve.

Microsoft Windows 10
Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft now relies on the rest of the devices for reaching 1 billion installations which may make it longer for the company to achieve the target. Microsoft is aggressively pushing Windows 7 and 8 users to upgrade to Windows 10 under the free upgrade program which will end on July 29.

Once the free upgrade program ends, Microsoft may find it even more difficult to encourage users to buy Microsoft 10 or purchase an upgrade. This can slow down the process of reaching the target that has been planned by Microsoft.

Microsoft Windows 10 Has Had A Great Impact On The Tech World

Since its release in 2015, Microsoft Windows 10 has had a great impact on the tech world and it has also been recognized as one of the most successful Windows launches. The acceptance of Windows 10 among the users is a lot better than some of the more recent Windows launches. Microsoft plans to achieve the target even though it may have pushed the deadlines a little further.


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