Microsoft has designed their Windows 10 Creators Update in a completely different way so that its update will not be limited to just bug fixes rather they can also include many more new features with every update.

And the company just announced their new build of Windows 10 for PCs as well as for mobile. 16257 is the latest build of Windows 10 for PCs that accompanies numerous exciting features while the build 15237 for mobile carries some minor bug fixes.

Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 Creators Update With Exciting Features For PCs And Mobile
Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 Creators Update With Exciting Features For PCs And Mobile

Here are all the features of Windows 10’s new build for PC:

Eye Control: This is the most notable and exciting new feature that allows users to control Windows 10 with their eyes through the on-screen mouse, keyboard, and the text-to speech facility. But it requires the users to have a compatible eye-tracking software. So, if you have a Tobii Eye Tracker 4C, you can seamlessly interact with the Windows 10 completely. People with disabilities will be highly benefitted from this feature.

Edge: Edge too has received a very modern look as the company has applied the Fluent design to its app browser. The tab bar now looks more delightful and responsive while the uses of Acrylic material make the tab bar more transparent and deep.

Windows Console: The new build of Windows 10 has also accompanied new color scheme for the Windows console. It now supports 24-bit RGB color while there is also an improvement in the legibility of darker color on the modern screens.

Windows Defender Application Guard: WDAG too has received major updates which include improvements in performance, fast container launch times and the new status string is accompanied to offer a more detail information along with some minor bug fixes.

Input: Talking about the input improvements, the bugs in Japanese keyboard and dictation is now resolved while the touch keyboard now starts immediately from the taskbar.

You can expect this update to arrive very soon by this coming September.


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