With yesterday’s launch of the Apple Watch and almost 1 million preorders in just three days, Apple’s seminal smartwatch is equipped to be the following enormous thing. Presently, an entire slew of application producers, including Microsoft, are scrambling to give support to the Apple Watch.

Following similar additions for its PowerPoint and OneDrive applications, Microsoft has now formally included Apple Watch support for Skype for iPhone.

In addition to “general improvements” to the Skype for iPhone application, the update will allow Apple Watch clients to answer to messages using voice-to-text, emoticons, or quick prepared responses, and also begin chats with Skype contacts on-the-go.

Clients can most likely look forward to Apple Watch support for significantly more Microsoft applications in the future. If you haven’t yet purchased an Apple Watch (or don’t plan doing so), you can look at this tool that gives you a chance to see what some well known iOS applications – including Flipboard, Twitter, and Shazam – will look like on the smaller Apple Watch display.

If you own an Apple Watch and need to download the most recent version of Skype for iPhone, you can get it here.

Source: iTunes via Neowin


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