Microsoft is all set to release a test version of the latest operating system Windows 10 today and there will be a lot of modifications on the existing features and addition of new features. The build number of the test version is 16215 and it’s immediately available for the Windows Insider on the First Ring. For other users, all the new features will be available in the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update at the end of this year.

Here is a list of the changes unveiled by Microsoft

Microsoft Unveils A Lot Of Changes For Windows 10
Microsoft Unveils A Lot Of Changes For Windows 10

Windows 10 stylus support

This is perhaps one of the biggest modifications Microsoft is focusing on. The handwriting panel is revamped with automatic handwriting detection, emoji, advanced editing and bunch of gestures. When writing, you can edit the text, scratch, split or join with gestures, and get quick access to symbols and emoji. A new interesting feature is “Find my pen”. It will show you the last used area when you last used the pen.

New look for the notification center

Microsoft has redesigned the notification center with a separate section for apps. The look is much better than the previous one and it groups notifications in a more logical way from apps, devices and elsewhere.

Made addition of emojis in emails or messages easy

Now you will be able to insert emojis into messages or emails easily. A new Winkey + semicolon keyboard shortcut will bring up a new emoji panel from where you can select the suitable emoji for your mail or messages.

Pin favorite websites to the taskbar

The latest Windows 10 update will let you pin your desired websites in the taskbar. The pinned websites then will open in Edge browser. You will also see improvements in the animations for the Edge’s new tabs which will make things faster than before.

Along with these finer changes, there are some minor changes as well. Microsoft is planning to release Windows 10 Fall Creators Update in September.


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