Reports surmise that Surface Book 2 is going to be officially released in the next couple of months after its launch 1 year ago

MS launched its Surface Book hybrid a couple years back giving it the name “ultimate laptop“. The shipping went on with a surface pen option, detachable display, Windows 10 Professional and Intel Skylake dual-core processors.

Microsoft Surface Book 2
Microsoft Surface Book 2

Though it introduced a set of appetizing hardware, this 2-in-1 ultimate laptop arose few complaints among the consumers. The most common hiccup was the Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge with a gap coming into formation when the MS surface book is closed.

Besides, there was another hiccup related to the battery life of the laptop. The users complained about the Clipboard tablet section of the machine with poor battery life. On the other hand, the steep pricing has also been a burning issue.

So, everybody is already gossiping for betterment to an already apt formula. With the anticipation of Surface Book 2, one can look forward to a total rid of at least hardware complaints related to battery life and Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge.

Surface Book 2 Release Date

The release date revolves around the next few months of 2017. Though the product was launched by the company 1 year ago, nobody saw its official confirmation by the owners. But, the anticipations through reports tell that the next 2 months are most expected one for the official launch.

The Better Display

Screen-wise, the present version supports a 13.5-inch panel having a 3,000×2,000 resolution pack supported by Intel high definition video quality of 520 GPU. The fresh version might have the same display size but offer a 4K resolution to guarantee better display experience. As with increased screen, increased power option is a must, we can highly expect that.

Beating the Competitors

It is being reckoned that the product will beat its competitors in the race of technological improvement.


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