Microsoft, in collaboration with KIND Financial, an organization situated in Los Angeles and prominent for its efforts for hashish compliance recently became the first tech company by stepping into the lawful marijuana Business with Software which will analyze marijuana sales and uses. The purpose of their unity is working on “seed-to-sale” software for Government and evaluating the emerging marijuana market.

Places where marijuana has been declared lawful for necessary use, this emerging marijuana industry has proved to be very profitable. In absence of software these places have found difficulties in controlling compliances.

Kind Government Solutions Software supported by Microsoft Azure Cloud, mutually developed by Microsoft and KIND would assist Government in controlling and analyzing Marijuana programs that would guarantee clarity and liability.

Marijuana Business
Marijuana Business

KIND also participated in Microsoft’s recently introduced Health and Human Services Pod for Managed assistance aiders program.

Kimberly Nelson, Microsoft sales manager said in declaration of partnership:

KIND’s strategic industry positioning, experienced team and top-notch technology running in the Microsoft Azure Government cloud, made for an easy decision to align efforts.

He also explained the eligibility of Azure as sole cloud platform that ensures Government regulations.

Microsoft Entered Into Emerging Marijuana Business

Government and related companies have developed a pattern that has started to control Hashish compliance.

The main platform that controls and analyses marijuana data in accordance with Government rules is Agrisoft.

David Dinenberg, CEO of KIND said:

No one can predict the future of cannabis legalization, however, it is clear that legalized cannabis will always be subject to strict oversight and regulations similar to alcohol and tobacco; and, KIND is proud to offer governments and regulatory agencies the tools and technology to monitor cannabis compliance.

Microsoft, with this new step has entered into a new emerging marijuana business.

With stiff rules and regulations, lawful use of marijuana has been legalized by many states including D.C.

Marijuana and Hashish industry would open door for many business opportunities after this sensational deal between KIND and Microsoft.

Taking over LinkedIn recently for $26.2 Billion, a large amount of users would increase the user group for sites like social network and Office 360 productivity suite.


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