Microsoft is aiming towards helping the small and medium-sized business by making their Sprightly app now available for iOS. The app was introduced for Android early this year and now iOS users too can enjoy this Sprightly app that is built following the similar concept of Adobe Spark and Canva. Sprightly is a useful app very similar to its competitors Adobe Spark and Canva which promises an easy way of creating and designing contents such as fliers, catalogs, coupons, price lists, e-cards etc. The created design can be then shared in the social media quickly.

Sprightly App
Sprightly App

Sprightly, Especially Targets the Small Retail Businesses

Sprightly, the Microsoft Garage app is accompanied with expanded collection of templates that contains more colors, styles and more than what it offered in Android earlier. Using the app is much easier that requires you to snap an image or upload one from the gallery, next browse the catalog of templates to select the required one after which go for customizing the design. The creating then can be shared through email or on social media while you can also send it to a print-ready PDF.

This app especially targets the small retail business like those who engage with their customers more on social media and this is the reason most of the templates include things like price list, coupons, catalog pages, and tools so as to create the product collages easily. This is also a very powerful tool to those who not entirely but mainly depends on the Smartphone or mobile for their work.

Microsoft Garage comes out with lots of experimental apps and most of them are highly useful. Sprightly app among them is fairly innovative which is really worth checking to have the more or less same experience that is gained from the competitors Adobe Spark and Canva.


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