Microsoft added a new feature to its Outlook, in integration with Starbucks yesterday. We bet it’ll be useful if you can to download it because it isn’t for Outlook for Mac.

With a new Starbucks feature for Outlook, one can schedule one’s meetings at local Starbucks. It doesn’t mean Starbucks is going to reserve a table for you when you arrive.  It means that whoever you send a Starbucks-branded to invite to will know to meet you at your local Starbucks and that you’re very annoying. If there’s no room in that Starbucks for you to sit, you can always go to a second location together.

Microsoft Outlook’s New Starbucks Feature is Good, Probably
Microsoft Outlook’s New Starbucks Feature is Good, Probably

With This Starbucks Feature in Outlook, You Can Send Gift Cards to Friends

Also with this Starbucks feature in Outlook, you can send gift cards to friends and acquaintances, and we think it’ll come handy when you are emailing your niece.

So far there are only ten reviews on the download page of Starbucks, and among them, 5 of them are unable to download because they have Mac. Most of them call it as “Sleek“, “Really looking forward to handing on a meeting at Starbucks“, and the best one, “Microsoft on a ride! First LinkedIn and now this!

It seems like people are enjoying this new feature in Outlook. Time would tell how they get along with it


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