Back in 2016, Microsoft unveiled its ambitious mixed reality headset, Microsoft HoloLens. Its abilities were even showcased at E3 conference and were an instant hit, everyone loved the idea of a device that can help change the way thing are perceived and development occurs.

Microsoft HoloLens has great potential to help design and inspect objects in 3D space while they appear to a user in the real world, through the lens. A year has gone by and the HoloLens community has grown greatly. While it is still technically available to anyone who is willing to spend $3000 for it, Microsoft mainly aims the marketing of the HoloLens at developers, not consumers.

The Microsoft HoloLens is One Year Old
The Microsoft HoloLens is One Year Old

In the short time, it has been in existence, the HoloLens already has 150 apps developed for it. These include, among others: HoloGuide – an app that allows users safe navigation in low-visibility and obstacle avoidance by using environmental awareness and spatial sound capabilities of the HoloLens.

HoloHear – a speech-to-sign-language interpreter that works in real-time for the deaf and Teomirn – an app that teaches piano by overlaying holographic prompts and instructions over the keys of a real piano.

Microsoft now appears to be preparing to push Microsoft HoloLens even further. It is recruiting the former chief marketing officer at Oculus, Liz Hamren, to head up marketing for its HoloLens and mixed reality efforts. He will report to the corporate vice president of Windows and devices, Yusuf Mehdi.

Mehdi said in an internal E-mail that Microsoft is now trying to develop an entire team specifically dedicated to marketing mixed reality. This implies that Microsoft may want to take further steps to develop this emerging technology and capitalize on it’s already near unchallenged position in mixed reality market.

It is expected that Microsoft will soon release its mixed reality headsets for consumers too.


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