Microsoft Garage presented its most recent Android offering today, Hub Keyboard. Here’s the application portrayal:

Isn’t it painful to switch between applications just to finish your routine on-the-go tasks?

Hub Keyboard, a Microsoft Garage project, lets you stay in context by bringing information from different services to your fingertips and help complete your tasks faster. Sign in with your Office 365 work or school account to unlock access to more information.

Use Hub Keyboard when you need:

  • Clipboard: Easily insert one of your recently copied items
  • Documents: Grab and share URLs of Office 365 documents in OneDrive and SharePoint
  • Contacts: Share information of a contact from your telephone or your Office 365 account
  • Translate: Translate what you are writing to another language

Microsoft is continuing to extend its venture into the Android ecosystem. Recently, reported that their Next Lock Screen was updated to support fingerprint readers and more.

With Hub Keyboard, Next Lock Screen, and Microsoft’s Arrow Launcher, the idea is becoming more and more popular that a user can get the best Microsoft experience on Android.

You can grab Hub Keyboard from the Google Play Store right here!


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