Microsoft has confirmed that they are acquiring the Artificial Intelligence powered scheduling service Genee in order to beef up their Office 365 and Outlook. Genee is a Redmond-based startup that was started two years back in 2014 and expanded their business well enough in this small duration.

This start-up’s goal is to automate the meeting scheduling and booking appointment by accessing the user’s calendar. The AI service can assume then the most suitable time for the meeting, however, the job becomes even much easier if all the parties use Genee so that the AI can compare the individual calendar to come up with a time that will be convenient for all the involved parties.

Microsoft Acquires Genee, The AI Based Scheduling Start-Up
Microsoft Acquires Genee, The AI Based Scheduling Start-Up

Microsoft’s plan is to integrate the service of Genee into their Office 365, but nothing about how it will happen and act is disclosed yet. Also, the Genee founders Charles Lee and Ben Cheung will join Microsoft as a part of this acquisition, according to the Microsoft corporate VP of Outlook and 365 Office, Rajesh Jha. So, the AI-powered start up will close their own services and it will be effective from September 1st. After the said date, this AI based start-up will stop sending agendas and useful reminders to the user’s calendars. However, the previous entries will remain same as before.

The founder of the startup Lee and Cheung are quite pleased with this acquisition and they have gone on to state that Microsoft is no doubt the leader in AI, virtual assistance technologies and in personal, enterprise productivity and they are really excited to bring all their expertise and passionate to a team that is dedicated to the intelligence services and cutting edge languages.

So, get ready to expect something more interesting from the Office 365 that might make our job even much easier.


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