Microsoft is going to host an event at the of October in New York which will showcase the new Surface all in one PC. Reports on Thursday showed a Surface-themed mouse and keyboard which had appeared in some FCC filings.

Of note to take from the invitation, however, the term Surface or hardware is not on the official invitation card to the event that was sent out by Microsoft. Microsoft has instead invited reporters to an event where they will be looking at what is happening with Windows 10.

Microsoft is planning event for end of October and speculation is rife on what it is about
Microsoft is planning event for end of October and speculation is rife on what it is about

This means that the event might be a chance for the company to show a strategic update to the company software plans. Written backwards of the invitation are the words, “Imagine what you’ll do”.

Surface at The Event

Of the company plans to release the new Surface at the event, then there might be a significance to it. The new surface will surely be meaningful to the company and it will also help to analyze the future of the Microsoft hardware.

The Microsoft Lumia line has definitely broken down, the hardware family for the company is now down to two main devices, the Surface tablets and Hub together with the Xbox lineup. Neither of them is expected to go away at the time. However, the mobile portion of the cloud first mantra that is Microsoft has been preaching lately is unclear.

Windows 10

Reporters have been debating what to expect at the event lately. Since the Redstone OS update of the Windows 10 is not expected until at least January, the update of the Windows 10 software is highly unexpected at the moment.

The reasonable explanation, however, is that Microsoft will offer up a sneak peek of how they plan to design Windows 10 going forward. Since Windows 10 is considered to be the last Windows, it’s curious to know whether Microsoft will schedule releases of updates.

Speculation as to what will be shown during the event planned for October 26 by Microsoft is still rife but I guess we will all know in a few weeks time.


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