Microsoft Surface 3, the most budget friendly 2-in-1 Windows tablet has been in the market for more than a year with no successor till date. But, it seems Microsoft is all set to pull out this low-cost device from the market as the company has confirmed to ZDNet that they are planning to kill the production of this adorable windows tablet by this coming December.

The Inventory For Surface 3 is Running Short

So, in case you have long planned to own this 2-in-1 windows tablet priced at just $499, this might be the right time. The company also stated that the inventory for this Surface 3 is running short.

Microsoft Calls End To The Production Of Surface 3
Microsoft Calls End To The Production Of Surface 3

Microsoft unwrapped this tablet in May 2015 and this Atom based device came packed with Windows 8.1 operating system, however, you can always upgrade it to Windows 10. LTE variants of this device were also rolled to offer great experiences to the users. Since the launch of this device, it created a huge demand and satisfaction among the users base.

This confirmation came to light after a report stated that the inventory of Microsoft Surface 3 and Band 2 wearable devices are limited in some of the stores in the U.K. However, while the news of a plan to kill the Surface 3 production is confirmed, no such news is confirmed about the later one that is Microsoft Band 2.

Now, this might create a question in everybody’s mind that if the company is planning to introduce more devices in the Surface line by the next year. With so many rumors doing around it might be highly possible that Microsoft wants their Surface book and the Pro range tablets to win the whole attention which is much popular to many customers. And all we need to do is just wait to see what surprise Microsoft has for us.


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