Tech giant Microsoft’s employees have a super-comfortable environment to work in. The company is known to provide unique and special benefits to their employees. Adding to their list of benefits to having a quality workplace Microsoft has built tree-houses for workspace for their employees. This project comes under their working outdoor districts.

There are three tree-houses built and have been designed and made by Pete Nelson from a famous television show Treehouse Masters. Two out of the three creative houses have been made open for the employees while the other one is a lounge space and is due for opening later this time of the year. The tree-houses have been constructed on the Washington Campus of Microsoft and are accessible by all employees.

Microsoft Employees Can Now Enjoy Working at Tree-Houses in Their Washington Campus
Microsoft Employees Can Now Enjoy Working at Tree-Houses in Their Washington Campus

The leader of the project and employee of Microsoft’s facilities and real estate section, Bret Boulter said that the employees of the company would like to work outdoors with such facilities provided to them. Employees work quietly while being absorbed into the environment and this also helps in changing their insight of work and how they could do it.

This was all grounded in a research which revealed how giving the employees an opportunity to work in outdoor surroundings helps in adding to the productivity of work.

The tree-houses are made 12 feet above the ground and have been equipped with the necessary facilities such as the fireplace, skylights, wooden canopies, charred-wood walls, Wi-Fi network on the outside, electrical outlets and even a gas fireplace. The employees can grab something to eat from a cafeteria which is located indoors. The buildings are sturdy and have been constructed to last for 20 years. Their designing has been done in a way that they would expand as the trees grow.

Other companies are also planning to create indoor spaces which would look and function like outdoor spaces to boost the morale of their employees.


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