In its latest announcement, Microsoft revealed they were joining up with Disney’s Movies Anywhere. Movies and TV app for Windows 10 and Xbox will now support Movies Anywhere service. Customers purchasing movies on Windows 10 and Xbox will be able to link their content to Movies Anywhere service. This means all movies purchases through the Microsoft Movies and TV will also be accessible on other accounts linked to the Movies Anywhere.

Disney launched Movies Anywhere in 2014 where it made available to its user’s movies purchased from different providers. It has originally launched Movies Anywhere as Disney Movies Anywhere. It has recently developed this service and made it into an app where it holds a whole library of movies for you.

Microsoft Supports Disney's Movies Anywhere and Gives Away X-Men Movie Free as a Limited Offer
Microsoft Supports Disney’s Movies Anywhere and Gives Away X-Men Movie Free as a Limited Offer

It now supports iTunes, Amazon Video, Vudu, Sony, Universal, Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., Disney, etc. Instead of having different apps you can just have Movies Anywhere and watch all the purchased movies through it. The App supports a variety of devices and platforms.

The Movies Anywhere app is an amazing service. This is especially because it is not always possible to access movies purchased from different online retailers offering different services. So, users usually have to shuttle between different apps or services such as iTunes, Amazon Video, iTunes etc. to watch their favorite movies. But with Movies Anywhere you have a master key to all the movies purchased and now even Microsoft supports this service.

To perk things up you get X-Men: Days of Future Past as a free movie if you sync Microsoft Movies and TV account with Movies Anywhere. This is a limited offer from the companies as a bonus.

For now, Movies Anywhere is limited to the users of the United States only. You would have to wait a bit longer to avail the services if you aren’t in the US. The companies haven’t made any announcements on when they would be expanding this platform.

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