Microsoft was offering a free upgrade to the Windows 10 and there are only a few days left to close this exciting deal. In case you still have not updated your PC with Windows 10, run to a local Microsoft store and avail this offer. Not just free upgrade rather there is something more to enjoy in case the outlet is unable to upgrade your PC. Microsoft has announced that they will offer a free Dell Inspiron 15 laptops to all those in case they are unable to upgrade their device on the same day. In other words, Microsoft is trying their best to force all to get Windows 10 on their PCs.

Microsoft Announced That They Will Offer A Free Dell Inspiron 15

But there are some important points to remember to win this exciting deal. First of all, your laptop should be compatible with windows 10 and if you do not have a Windows 10 compatible PC, you will be able to earn $150 for the purchase of a new PC. But again there are some caveats if you are planning to bring an ancient and broken laptops to get it replaced by a new one.

Microsoft Offers You A Dell Inspiron
Microsoft Offers You A Dell Inspiron

In order to be eligible to claim $150 for the purchase of a new Dell device, your old device should power on, fully functional and hold enough charge so that it does not require to be plugged in for operating. Also, it should not be password protected, should have all the original accessories such as chargers and contain the hard drive. On top of that, the device must run on Windows 8 or later version which is really a big disqualifying factor as most of the users will not have windows 8.

With all these Microsoft is also offering $20 discount on Microsoft Office 365 while there is a chance to win a Xbox One at some stores, but you need to collect the details at the stores.


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