While most of the big tech companies are busy in acquiring artificial Intelligence based start-up, Microsoft unveils their plan to acquire a Seattle-based start-up Beam specialized in live streaming service. This streaming service allows users to manipulate and interact with a video game that is being streamed by another player.

So, Microsoft’s aim is to provide users with more and more excellent gaming experience through acquiring this company. Beam is a very new company that was started in January to compete with other well establish game streaming services like YouTube and Twitch.

Microsoft Buys Beam To Let Viewers Control The Live Streaming Video Game
Microsoft Buys Beam To Let Viewers Control The Live Streaming Video Game

The technology of Beam empowers viewers to suggest any challenges while the viewers are also able to alter some gaming aspects like weapon loadout and quest selection. This technology also allows developers to build special button layouts so that viewers can interact with games which are being streamed through Beams. The quality in Beam is excellent where the lag is reduced to a drastic level. For example, in Twitch it takes around 10-15 seconds time to see the action of players in the stream after the player’s act. But this time, is reduced to a great level in Beam to improve the user experience.

However, Microsoft did not disclose anything about the deal yet.

Beam will be active as a part of the Xbox division and according to Chad Gibson, a group program manager at Xbox Live division, they are really very excited about the union of playing and watching altogether so as to provide users with the more freedom and control to enjoy multiplayer experiences across all the Beam’s platform. This acquisition will help gamers to enjoy the game, with the right people they want and on any device.

According to Matt Salsamendi, CEO of Beam, their services reached to around 100,000 users till date after the launch in January and they are happy that they will be able now to scale it even faster as a part of Xbox.


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