Microsoft Band 2 Might Have A Curved Screen

Microsoft’s first ever wearable might not have been the hot thing that other items in the market, yet the Microsoft Band wasn’t particularly that terrible either. But maybe for its straight as nails display. In a world of bended screens, the first Microsoft Band was best depicted at non ergonomic at best. That, however, may be changing in only a couple of days. Leaked photographs of a alleged Microsoft Band 2 uncovers a wearable with a slightly refined, more stylish design, including a curved screen.

Unlike most of Microsoft’s hardware products of late, similar to the Surface Pro or Hub or HoloLens, the Band was moderately more low key. Maybe it was for the best, as the wearable wasn’t exactly the best in class. Regardless of holding promise, Microsoft missed the mark in the execution, putting out something more like an item in the last beta stages than a completed commercial piece.

Microsoft Band 2

Still, that may not be enough reason to give up, particularly if one can enhance previous flaws. As it were, this Band 2 looks like what Microsoft should have launched in any case. It gained no advantage in putting out the first Band early. But maybe to prove to the world that it can likewise do wearables.

In light of these leaked renders, not genuine item photographs mind you, the Microsoft Band 2 looks more tacky. The bended screen is without a doubt a most welcome change following the band now more easily fits in with the forms of human wrists. Fairly. The display’s underside look less bended than the screen itself, however any curve is better than none at all. The buttons on the side look oddly more pronounced than in the present version, however now with a metallic finish that reflects the new motif of the wearable. One thing that apparently hasn’t changed is the gadget’s thickness. The fasten is still that thick, making the Band 2 thick on both top and bottom ends.

Microsoft Band 2

While the design of the Band 2 does mark an improvement, quite a bit of our issue with the gadget needed to do less with the hardware than the software running inside. Ideally Microsoft has taken in its hard lessons there too. We’ll know soon enough next month, as the Microsoft Band 2 is expected to be uncovered along side Microsoft’s other enormous guns.

Microsoft Band 2 - 3

Source: Microsoft Insider


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