There is good news for the Android users of Microsoft Band 2 owners. In a recent update on June 2, 2016 Redmond based company released an update for Microsoft based health app Cortana. Although Microsoft Band 2 could be paired with Android phones, Cortana could only work in Windows. With the recent update released Android users will be able to benefit from the features of the wonderful health app – Cortana.

Using the band with Cortana you would be able to access communications, voice-active information without having to use your phone and all your notifications of events which you have marked. All you need to do is speak into the mic on the Microsoft Band 2 to Cortana to perform the actions desired by you, get specifics and much more.

Android Users Can Now Enjoy Cortana
Android Users Can Now Enjoy Cortana

Microsoft Band 2 Speak out Commands to Cortana

The update not only allows the Android users of Microsoft Band 2 speak out commands to Cortana through the mic removing the need to physically touch your device it also fixes bugs of the firmware.

The best feature in this update is that you can track your heart rate zones on your Microsoft Band 2. You will get notifications and there will be changes in colour for instance when your heart rate is at the highest at 80% the heart rate on your band will turn orange and when it reaches 90% it will turn red.

Users in U.S. have the facility to connect and contest with their Facebook friends provided they use Cortana. They can have challenges for cardio scores, steps, bike rides or runs.

Android users can download Cortana from the Play Store, install the app and then ensure the app notification services is turned on. The Microsoft Band 2 should be synced with the Android phone using the Microsoft Health App. Once the installation is completed, Cortana can be switched on from the Menu icon > Manage Tiles > Toggle Cortana ‘on’ and you are good to go.