This is the tech industry and copycat is a common thing but it seems Microsoft is not happy with that at all. This big tech company first introduced Microsoft Surface in 2012 that came along with a detachable keyboard and tablet to redefine the computer beyond that over-age beige box. But a very recent ad by Microsoft is seen to making fun of the Apple iPad Proclaiming it is not the real computer.

Apple introduced iPad Pro line in 2015 that is a touch screen tablet and came packed with a detachable keyboard to be used as a compromised laptop.

Microsoft Ads Try To Indicate What Is The Actual Real Computer
Microsoft Ads Try To Indicate What Is The Actual Real Computer

But according to Microsoft, iPad Pro can’t be said as a computer or laptop actually as it does not have a fully functional Microsoft office or Intel chip and USB ports to connect the mouse or other things in need. But this is really true that people these days are becoming smarter and they hardly do any job sitting in front of those traditional PCs like before. Of course, the offices do have PCs but other than that these days PCs are hardly seen in any home. Rather all try to accomplish all their jobs using Smartphone, tablet or phablet.

The shipment of PCs are declining over years and in one of the very advanced country China where most of the people are internet users have long skipped the revolution of a whole PC and started using their pocket computer as phone, television, computer and more.

So, when people are well accepting the compromised PC or laptop in place of the traditional beige box computer, Microsoft too understand this and after all, they too have spent their valuable time and effort in coming out with the Microsoft Surface. Most of the companies like Dell, Lenovo etc too came up with a device that consists features of both the laptop and tablet.


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