Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft introduced a new messaging app developer Wand Labs at their Build 2016 conference which happened in March. Microsoft’s this move shows the company’s strategy and vision for conversation as a platform.

The Team of Wand Labs is Expert in Service Mappings

Wand Labs is a startup that was started in 2013 and it specializes in chatbots and messaging apps. David Ku, the corporate vice president of the Information Platform Group of Microsoft wrote in a blog post that the talent and technology of Wand Labs will strengthen their position in the conversational intelligence where Microsoft brings together the advance machine intelligence and human language power by connecting people to services, information and knowledge and more people in natural ways. It extends the power of the Office 365, Microsoft Azure, Windows platform and Bing to make the developer more powerful.

The team of Wand Labs is expert in service mappings, semantic ontologies, conversational interfaces and third-party developer integration which is a great advantage for them to join the Bing platform and engineering team because Bing is working on the chat bots and intelligent agents.

Microsoft Acquires Wand Labs To Boost Its Chatbot Future
Microsoft Acquires Wand Labs To Boost Its Chatbot Future

Vishal Sharma, the CEO of Wand Labs, is an entrepreneur and experienced leader in search and knowledge field. This startup company is already been developing in the area of Conversation as a platform which is an added advantage for Microsoft.

David Ku said that Vishal Sharma is a person with great talent and respected thought leader in this area. He also added that they are confident that the talented team of Wand Labs will make significant contribution to the Bing intelligence.

Now the question is, is it too late for Microsoft to get into the game and boost conversation as in April Facebook was on its way to provide developers and businesses a chance to create chatbots for the Facebook messenger.


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