We should confess the truth that messaging became really far more exciting with the invention of Emojis. So, a big thank to the developer that their creativity helped us better explain our expression through the chats. These new Emojis are available on every platform so it does not matter which phone you are using. Rather open the instant messaging application and the chat will last for long and long.

The Emojis became so popular that a movie is also made on them and thankfully that movie managed to earn almost $25 million in just the opening weekend. However, the critics did not spare to put their negative comments but still, the movie has been loved by all highly and this big number box office is the result of that. And the good news is those Emojis that have been really loved in the movie will soon reach our phone by 2018 to make the messaging even more interesting. Here is all that 67 Emojis that are set to hit the phone.

Messaging To Get More Exciting With 67 New Emojis To Arrive By 2018
Messaging To Get More Exciting With 67 New Emojis To Arrive By 2018

The list has all kind of Emojis which includes Emojis for face, body, clothes, animals, foods, activities, objects etc. Anyways this is not the final list and some changes can take place in the list before it hit the phone.

Unicode Consortium is the group that sees this Emoji part and they decide which emoji will make an entry in the phone. However, they are not the alone to take any decision rather they have many members and all the tech giant starting from  Facebook, Apple, Google, Adobe has their name in that membership list. So, the tech giants can bring their own art as well on the Emojis so as to fit them on their own platform.

It is definite that a big thought goes into the creation of those Emojis. So, hat’s off to the creators.


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