Wealthy people like international business travelers, owner of financial firms and entrepreneurs who need higher security and value the privacy and security as priceless, Sirin Labs is bringing the perfect solution for them, Solarin.

Sirin Labs is a very new company that debuted in London on 31st May 2016 penetrated into the world of Smartphone by launching its product ‘solarin’, an android Smartphone. According to the company, their customers are really very very smart and will need higher security who communicates a lot over the phone. This is where Solarin steps in along with partnership with the security firms Zimperium and Koolspan in order to secure the phone and its data.


Solarin, Targeted at the Wealthy People and not for General Public

Solarin, the 5.5-inch big Smartphone is designed with some bombastic features but the price tag confirms that this device is only targeted at the wealthy people and not for general public. Yes, it will cost around £9,500, which if converted to US dollar and after adding tax will stand as $16,666 which is really sky high.

Coming to the features of this Smartphone, it is equipped with Snapdragon 810 process, 4GB RAM, 128 GB storage (non-expandable), bright 1440p LCD IPS display,4000mAH battery  and runs on Android 5.1 which weight around 250 gm and does not look much impressive as per the price range. It has a special switch at the back of the device tapping which you can convert it into a highly cybersecure mode that will allow only the securely encrypted messaging and outgoing voice calls. 24 MP rear camera featured with f/2.0 lens and laser autofocus let you capture high-quality images while 8MP front facing camera is appreciable. The rear camera is again secured with sapphire glass cover. The features are no doubt impressive but when the price is considered, it will refrain almost everybody from acquiring it at such a high price.


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