Avalon; The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hardware culture of PCs is both a blessing as well as a curse at the same time. While it stimulates innovation and act as a major selling point for the enthusiast people it is a big pain also that is well understood by those who have built their own PC before. And sadly the basic design is still same where you need to slot the motherboard, storage, and other add-in cards in a case and then wire them up.

But now things are going to change as Asus has unveiled their new hybrid motherboard-chassis combo which promises to change the way how you assemble DIY PCs.


This Motherboard-Chassis is Known as Avalon

This motherboard-chassis is known as Avalon and the idea behind it is much simple. According to Asus, the Avalon concept PCs tightly integrates all aspects of the PC in a redefined design that is assembler do not have to worry about how to squeeze the massive graphics card in limited space rather everything will be done in a lot cleaner way where the end result would create an amazing PC devoid of wires and will look very much like a premium stereo system rather than the traditional PCs. However, it will still support the DIY strength.

Asus has further said that this prototype is a working system based on some existing technologies which are feasible to put into mass production.

However, with all these it comes with some drawback as well. There might be time while you would like to upgrade the PC and this is definitely possible to alter the other parts except the motherboard, the reason is this is built on chassis. Intel Z710 is the chipset used in this chassis, however after few years, you might want to upgrade the processor as well by changing the chassis which will solve the issue.


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