Apple plans to present something new to its users with every new model, version or handset it introduces in the market and this time it is for Homekit users. So if you are a Homekit user and have long dreamt of having an app to control all the Homekit enabled devices, this news must amuse you. Apple-designed Home app is all set to make an entry with the new iOS version iOS 10 and this one stop Homekit control solution will be available and can be used in iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

Apple-Designed Home App is All Set to Make an Entry

This app is really simple, fast that provides a convenient way to manage all the home kit enabled devices at your home, it is all set to release this coming fall in iOS 10 and in the meantime Apple will work to improve the support of accessories.

Meet Home App In iOS 10, Crafted To Control Homekit Devices
Meet Home App In iOS 10, Crafted To Control Homekit Devices

Upon opening the app, it will bring the main screen consisting of favorite accessories and favorite scenes that allow quick access. Also, the wallpaper of the app can be changed while the settings icon allows you to change the name of a home and you can invite additional users. There is a section called “Room” that let users create Scenes and add new accessories.

Every accessory is controlled individually where a simple press on the name will bring a set of option. With all these, Automation is the most interesting feature of this app that helps the accessories perform a task based on time and location. For example, the air condition can be set to turn on as soon as you leave work or else the lights can be set to turn on while sun sets. In another word, this Home app works as a hub to control all the home kit devices remotely.

iOS 10 brings support for some more home kit devices such as doorbells, cameras, conditioners, air purifiers, humidifiers, heaters etc. along with introducing the Home app.



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