Sony debuted A6300 in March integrated with Fast Hybrid AF system that provided a great boost in the autofocus performance and while the video cred with 4k, support for the professional profiles etc. in the camera were loved by many but still some stuff like built in image stabilization and the much-needed touchscreen for easy and smooth autofocus were not present in that piece. And now the company has rectified all these demerits and is introducing Sony A6500.

This latest inception from Sony is equipped with a much faster processor that delivers a more responsive playback experience.

Meet The Latest Camera Sony A6500 That Is Far Improved Than Its Predecessor
Meet The Latest Camera Sony A6500 That Is Far Improved Than Its Predecessor

Also, a bigger memory buffer will allow you to have more shots during continuous shooting.

Sony will make this camera available in the US in November priced at $1400 and in Europe, it will be available in 1700 Euros starting December. However, anything about the price and time of availability in Australia is still not confirmed.

Sony has kept the same autofocus system, image processor, same sensitivity ranges,  sensor, and the 4K video capabilities. The body is also not changed, only a new programmable function button is added and you can now configure a wireless connection through the QR code.

Where changes are seen is the more memory and inclusion of a second processor that enhances the speed. Also for image stabilization, the company has incorporated five-axis sensor shift that will work with optically stabilized lenses for the optimal compensation. The addition of touch screen is another point to consider it great than its predecessor.

But with all these, the only drawback this new camera might face is in the battery life. While Sony A6300 was able to take 350 shots through viewfinder shooting, and 400 shots with the LCD, this has dropped to 310 and 350 in Sony A6500.


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