The 32-year-old billionaire Mark Zuckerberg prefers to keep his camera laptop covered with tape for security purpose. A recent photo posted by him in his Facebook account revealed this truth. The Facebook CEO was celebrating the rising user base of Instagram and shared some photos in his Facebook account. But a keen observer noticed that the camera and microphone jack of his laptop are covered with tape in the image background. This indicates that Mark Zuckerberg is really concerned especially about hackers getting access to his devices using the remote access Trojans, a process called as ratting.

Mark Zuckerberg

According to some security experts, the taping on camera is definitely a good choice and it is supported by them for some good reasons. These are:

  • Mark Zuckerberg is a very high value target and it is obvious that most of the intelligence agencies and online criminals will be much interested in targeting his billion while the hackers will find it amusing to spy over this high value profile.
  • Secondly, covering the laptop camera is the basic and cheap safeguard techniques.
  • And finally Mark Zuckerberg is not protected to the security breaches. A recent hacking news of his Twitter and LinkedIn account says that he perhaps use the same password across numerous websites and do not use the two factor authentication.

So, from his photo it is very prominent that Mar Zuckerberg is taking precaution to save himself from all those trying to gain remote access. However, he is not the one and only high-profile man to prefer covered laptop camera rather another high-value profile James Comey, the director of FBI too puts tape on his computer webcam for some unknown reasons.

So, should you go for covering the laptop camera? According to Stephen Cobb, the senior security researcher in ESET, no one is without risk, so it is good to follow Mark Zuckerberg’s step to stay safe.


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