Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has scheduled his first ever Facebook Live chat session in the social network’s own Facebook Live – the social networking website’s streaming feature. Zuckerberg has posted a short video clip on his Facebook page on 8th June that says, he is conducting his first ever Q&A live entirely on Facebook Live on June 14th at 11.30 am PT. And he has signed off asking all the users who all are interested in participating in this live chat should post their questions in the comment box below.

Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

So, still there are 5 days and if anything is roaming around your mind for a while, it’s the time to get it answered from one of the richest person Mark Zuckerberg. As soon as he uploaded the message on this Facebook page, huge comments have been flooded in the post. He also stated that due to the Facebook Live, he is able to hear from more of the community at once and this is really very interactive. In this live session big areas like virtual reality, live video, artificial intelligence, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and more will be covered if the users are interested in so.

Everybody Invited to Post Their Questions

All are invited to post their questions in the comment box while the most voted and liked comments will be answered by Zuckerberg. He has hosted a question-answer session in the town hall-style events in Delhi, Berlin and in their headquarter at Menlo Park, California but Facebook Live is more interactive that allow him to interact with a massive community of site at once.

This Facebook live is available in all the pages and profile on Facebook in the iOS, Android and Facebook mentions.

So, keep an eye on Facebook as this might be your question to get answered on 14th June by the founder and CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.


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