Do you know all the tricks of a program and want to share them with the world? Well, go make a video lesson for your YouTube channel, college class or presentation at work.

Making quality tutorials takes a lot of hard work and sometimes a lot of time because you need to record some parts again and again. However, once you have a proper screen recorder for a computer that captures desktop in the highest possible quality – that’s half the battle! For instance, Movavi Screen Capture lets you record your work with any program from start to finish and here’s how you do it.

Movavi Screen Capture
Movavi Screen Capture

Choose The Capture Area

Alter the frame boundaries to record the whole screen or its parts. Choose between default settings or apply custom changes.

Select The Frame Rate

Record your screen at the highest frame rate – 60fps – to achieve the best result. However, a lower frame rate won’t affect the picture quality in a significant way, if the visuals are more or less static.

Check The Sound

The audio stream can be recorded from various sources simultaneously – speakers, headphones, microphones, etc. Thus, you can grab the sound of the app and record a voice-over to your tutorial at the same time. Besides, you can create a video lesson that teaches how to play songs on any musical instrument – just plug it into your computer.

Demonstrate Clicks and Keystrokes

You can capture mouse and keyboard actions for a more vivid and clear explanation. Highlight the cursor to show some details on the screen and choose the colors for left and right mouse clicks. You can also set a certain sound for the clicks and adjust its volume.

Control The Process

There is a convenient way to manage the recording. Use the control panel to start the capture, resume or stop it. Plus, you can press hotkeys to perform these operations.

Make Your Own Video Tutorials
Make Your Own Video Tutorials

Basically, this is almost everything that you need to record a decent video tutorial. However, Movavi Screen Capture has some extra features that you can make use of for many other purposes like saving Skype calls and capturing online video.

Scheduled Recording

Set the timer and the program will record everything you need – you don’t even have to be in front of the computer. It’s quite handy when you have a late-night webinar or broadcast to capture.

Current File Size Demonstration

Watch the video length and size while it is recording. Plus, you can set an approximate size for the resulting video and the process will stop when this number is reached.

GIF Creating

Turn your video bits as animations, just by choosing the respective output format.


Take screenshots of your recordings for later use – before, after or during the capturing process.

Video Trimming

Cut away unnecessary parts of the footage before saving.

Turning to file export, it can be literally done within seconds. Thanks to SuperSpeed mode and support for Intel HD Graphics technologies, you can save even large video files in no time in high quality.

In addition to its speed, the program has a big variety of supported formats which lets you choose whatever output format you want – MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, etc. For those of you who prefer to transfer the files straight to their mobile devices, there is a list of ready-made presets where you can choose the model of your smartphone or tablet. Plus, special settings make online sharing even easier – choose the saving profile for YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or other popular websites.

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  1. Joyoshare Screen Recorder is also a great tool. It’s able to keep the original quality while capturing the computer desktop video and audio.


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