Wish to lighten the bulk of media from your iPhone? Owing to splendid storage capacity offered by the iOS devices, we mostly tend to overfeed our iOS devices with media files like audio, video, images and several other documents. However, in the long run, this might lower the overall performance of the iOS devices. This is when MacX MediaTrans software comes to the rescue of the users.

The overall Apple gadgets and systems behave like a single family. However, it could be quite daunting to sort or manage the files on the iPhone or iPad.

MacX MediaTrans - Solutions For Easy Transfer Of Files From iOS Devices
MacX MediaTrans – Solutions For Easy Transfer Of Files From iOS Devices

iOS does not offer the freedom to get root access to the files stored on the devices. Therefore, it becomes greatly difficult for the users to manage the files and documents.

To ensure faster transfer of iPhone or iPad data, the MacX MediaTrans can be considered to be the best available tool. MacX MediaTrans is a highly reliable and one of the best tools for fast iOS data transfer and manager software on Mac or iOS devices.

Some of the striking features of this effective tool include:

Faster Transfer of iOS Data

MacX MediaTrans offers great transfer speed when you have to transfer files from the iOS devices to other platforms or devices. In precise information, the MacX MediaTrans software is capable of copying as much as 4K resolution images with much ease in just a matter of 9 seconds. You can even connect your device as a USB drive with the help of this app. After this, you can transfer all your files from the iOS device to the connected device with much ease.

Advanced Syncing Capabilities

It can be quite depressing to perform the iPhone syncing. With the help of the MacX MediaTrans software, the users can simplify the syncing process. This tool offers a two-way sync to the users. Under this functionality, the users get to choose the particular library that is replicated onto the other. In addition to this, the users can also enjoy the liberty of batch editing the music playlists, files and much more.

Automatic Conversion of File Format

If you wish to support any random device – be it peripherals, drivers, flash, apps or even more; you cannot achieve it must ease while dealing with the iOS devices. With the help of MacX MediaTrans tool, you can achieve the quick conversion of any type of file formats like videos, audio, etc; to the correct format that can be supported by the iPhone or iPad with much ease.

In addition to these special features offered by MacX MediaTrans software in terms of functionality, the additional features might include:

  • Simple and clean design with great ease of use (even for the beginners).
  • Easy and intuitive sorting of the files stored on the iOS devices.
  • Easy drag and drop feature.

Limitation of MacX MediaTrans Software

The only demerit offered by the app to the users is that it might not detect the iOS devices automatically.


On the overall basis, it can be said that the MacX MediaTrans tool is highly effective and offers optimized solutions for easy transfer of files from the iOS devices.

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