The new macOS Sierra 10.12.1 was released on Mondays and there are some exciting new features involved in it. Apple Pay is included and it also depicts a brand new MacBook Pro which has the OLED touch panel. The new MacBook Pro is set to be unveiled by Apple on October 27.

The images that were released are the first confirmation that the product is in the works and they are also an indicator for the redesign that the MacBook Pro will spot ahead of the launch.

macOS Sierra 10.12.1 is out and we have rumours about MacBook Pro
macOS Sierra 10.12.1 is out and we have rumours about MacBook Pro

The OLED touch panel which is to be featured on the MacBook Pro will be located on the top of the keyboard. The new laptop will also be having the Touch ID feature on it, as it seen on the Apple Pay advert which was released. The touch panel is located where the function keys are usually placed.

The touch panel which rumours note will also be called the Magic toolbar, looks like it is going to be contextual, and it will change according to the things which are on the screen. In the advertised images for Apple Pay which were released, there is dialogue whereby the customer is asked to confirm their purchase by simply putting their finger on the panel. The Touch ID seems to be built on a nearly invisible power button which is about as close to the display as possible.

OLED Touch Panel

There are other exciting mew features on the new MacBook Pro besides the OLED touch panel. Though the design is still the same with that of the predecessors, the new MacBook Pro which is 13 inches in length will be used in the images. This gives an idea that the laptop will probably have speakers which will be located on the side of the keyboard.

The new images do not entirely show the thickness of the MacBook Pro but rumours predict that the new device is thinner and lighter than the previous models. Flatter keys, which are similar to the design used on the Retina MacBook are also evident.

There are no visible ports on the images, but past leaks indicate that there might be four USB-C ports together with a headphone jack, an HDMI port, MagSafe port and one SD card slot which might be removed.

Apple Conference at October 27

The MacBook Pro will be unveiled by Apple at a conference scheduled for October 27. At the event, a new MacBook Air is also expected to be unveiled together with iMacs.


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