Released way back in 1996 Quake was a super cool game back then and it still continues to amuse many. The game completed 20 grand years today. Quake is a game to enjoy in one of those classical gaming get-togethers. There is a modern recapitulation of Quake too if you don’t want the classical one and one of the versions can easily run in your browser too.

MachineGames Released a Completely New Episode of Quake

To celebrate the day MachineGames released a completely new episode of Quake which can be played absolutely free. Even though MachineGames did not play any part in making the original Quake, it was simply a decent gesticulation on their part to reveal the classic first-person shooter. MachineGames are the maker of Wolfenstein: The New Order and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

MachineGames Releases a New Episode to celebrate Quake’s 20 Years in the Gaming Industry
MachineGames Releases a New Episode to celebrate Quake’s 20 Years in the Gaming Industry

If you wish to play the free version of the game it can be found in the zipped RAR file which can be extracted into a new folder called “dopa” into the main directory of Quake. In order to run the episode, new single player games are required to start up and launch the executable file “dopa” in the same folder and slash it up from there.

If you used Steam to grab Quake or have imported Quake into Steam then you would require to right-click on the list in your library and select properties and then click on the “set launch options” button, next type “game dopa” in the line. Ensure that you extract the contents of MachineGames .RAR file in the directory of Quake, it is better if you did it within the Steamapps folder if you haven’t imported it. As you launch the game you will launch the all new episode.

Till QuakeCon reveal the details about the next game “Quake Franchise” later this year, the new fun episode will keep you busy.


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