Following is a list we compiled describing some of the most useful Macbook features that are ignored or not used at fullest by most of the users.

MacBook Features You Probably Don't Use
MacBook Features You Probably Don’t Use

Generating Your Digital Signature

One often requires a digital signature for signing PDFs or another format of digital signatures. This feature is very handy for those who do not have a digital signature yet.

All you require to do is to sign on a plain white paper and hold it next to your webcam. Your old school signature is now a digital one.

Quickly Closing or Hiding Any Number of Running Programs/Applications

This comes quite handy in a certain situation. All you have to do is to hold and keep tapping tab. It will allow you to quickly browse through every opened app. Once you reach the desired one, hit Q to close it or hit H for hiding it.

Using Spacebar for Previewing any File

When you have selected any type of file (including photoshop projects and videos), pressing spacebar would serve you a preview of that file. Hitting spacebar again would simply close the preview.

While the previewing any file, arrow keys can be used to switch between files in the same directory. Consider you have a folder with 500 images and want to find a certain image or images. It is much faster to preview them instead of launching another app to browse through.

This function works with videos as well. However, only a certain portion of the video can be previewed.


This voice responsive function was introduced in MAC OS X and later. It allows to type without touching keyboard. All you need to do is to hit FN key twice to activate speed recognizer.

Macbook Dictation
Macbook Dictation

Once speaking is done, hit FN again to indicate recognizer to convert your speed into text. Dictation now becomes enhanced dictation in most of the modern OS versions by Mac. In the enhanced version, almost every feature can be used without any internet connection. It is much faster and capable of receiving and interpreting long tail questions. All your Mac requires is 700 MB of free space to use this feature smoothly.

Advanced Screenshot Features

Following are various options available while picking screenshots:

  • ⌘ + Shift + 3 will capture and save entire screen
  • ⌘ + Ctrl + Shift + 3 would capture the screen and copy it to clipboard instead of saving
  • ⌘ + Shift + 4 will capture the dragged portion only and saves it
  • ⌘ + Ctrl + Shift + 4 captures dragged area and copy it to clipboard
  • ⌘ + Ctrl + Shift + 4 + Spacebar is used to capture a particular window and save it

Addition to all this, drop box can be used to simply share the captured screenshot instantly. You do not have to do anything manually. A sharing link would automatically be created when you capture the screenshot.


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