Windows XP, the 14-year-old platform is still alive in many areas ranging from retails outlets, medical centres and very strangely in the London’s Metropolitan Police machine while Microsoft has already drawn an end to that platform two years back in 2014.

The company has already stopped extended support towards Windows XP which is why the computers still using XP will be open to risk and vulnerabilities due to lack of updates. Also, the software will not work properly while the old web browser on that platform will not support the latest and improvised web based technologies.

London’s Metropolitan Police Are Still Left With Windows XP
London’s Metropolitan Police Are Still Left With Windows XP

So, this is really strange to hear that London’s Metropolitan Police department are still using the 14 years old platform Windows XP in their 27000 PC. This is the recent report from London’s greatest authority conservatives. According to Andrew Boff, a London assembly member, the major concern here is the security of Londoner’s information as these systems are out of date so any time can lose the important data if not upgraded to the latest version.

However, as of now the London Metropolitan police department are receiving security patches for Windows XP from Microsoft in exchange for money and the good news is that soon they will upgrade to the latest version. Already 8000 machines are being upgraded with a new version of Windows in 2015 while another 6000 PC will receive the update by the next month.

Another thing which strikes the mind again is the department is upgrading the computers with Windows 8.1 version while most of the people will be familiar with Windows 10 version now. Also, this version is not highly popular rather Windows 7 version is much more acceptable. Microsoft was offering a free upgrade to windows 10 till late July while this offer is still on for those using an assistive technology. So, the London Metropolitan Police department could have taken the advantage of that.



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