Big technology companies like Apple, Microsoft etc. are coming out with so many improved tablet and iPad that soon tablet will replace the need for a laptop. Apple first introduced iPad in 2010 and since then they are bringing a new version of that each year. 13inch iPad Pro with a snap on the keyboard was launched last year in November and very recently in March the smaller version of that, 9.7 inch iPad Pro was launched.

But unfortunately, the snap on the keyboard was missing in the smaller version which is must replace the laptop. And finally, Logitech is here to fulfil that need by introducing a 9.7 inch iPad, which is called as Create 9.7.

Logitech Create 9.7 The Lightest Laptop
Logitech Create 9.7 The Lightest Laptop

Create 9.7 from Logitech is probably the best replacement for your laptop as it includes a snap-on the keyboard while the weight is still under 2 pounds along with the keyboard. The keyboard is a fully wraparound case. But the Logitech Create has just a single angle for typing and also one horizontal position for reading or drawing. The screen is bit heavier than the keyboard and this is why this combination is best for typing on the desk rather than on the lap.

The bottom line of the keyboard

  • The movable keyboard is very comfortable for typing
  • Backlighting makes typing easier
  • It includes a row of shortcut keys which are used to do things link initiating a search, triggering the home button, playing media player, controlling the volume, business and more.
  • Also, there is a holder for the optional $99 Apple Pencil.
  • With all these, this Create 9.7 has some useful keys like a command, control, tab, option etc.

This device is priced at $130. The price is really affordable and if you are really eager to replace your laptop with this iPad, have a look at Amazon or


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