Do you know about this fun fact that every time a user do a voice search in Google? The company records it and this is the case with Android users as well where every time users say ‘OK Google’ to search something. It is being recorded in Google. This might interfere with the privacy of many people but the good news is that you can always listen to and delete those recordings from Google if you desire.

Here is how to delete all that you have ever said to Google

It is Always Best to Keep on Delete

Head towards the Voice and Audio activity page in Google that will allow you to delete the recordings. It can be done one by one or else you can delete all the recordings together by going to more> Delete options >advance. Each recording files contain recording information and plain text transcript for your inspection. Even there is also an option to ask Google stop tracking pages that you visit while turning off options such as YouTube watch history, the map of the stored locations is present there.

It is Always Best to Keep on Deleting

But the annoying thing is, even though you delete or pause the voice recordings, it will be activated again next time any voice search is being done or else if the android users say ‘OK Google’. So, if you are concerned about what you are saying to OK Google and if those are something like embarrassing or incriminating to the phone, it is always best to keep on deleting the stuff for security reason.

This is More Transparent Than Siri

This recording feature is no doubt a hindrance to the Android users, however, this is more transparent than other similar services such as Siri that can store the data for 2 years if the option is not turned off.


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