LinkedIn has finally put in a feature that many of the users on the media network have been yearning for. Finally, users can search for jobs without anyone noticing it. So for all those people who are eager for a career change but do not want to leave their current job without finding a new one yet finally get a chance.

Now, more than ever employees can do so without that pesky fellow employee or boss noticing anything.

LinkedIn gives users chance to look for work without notifying your boss
LinkedIn gives users chance to look for work without notifying your boss

The new feature comes in on the new Open Candidates feature. The new feature is available on the Recruiter platform and gives users the chance to notify recruiters on their own and privately that they are interested in finding a new job and to leave their old one.

The website will then broadcast the interest to the recruiters on the page, and will not broadcast it to the recruiters who are at your employer thereby saving you from having that awkward encounter with your boss all the time.

As a result of the discretion, external recruiters are also going to be able to rapidly find your application and they can easily learn the interests so that they can match you with the next job which you can get. The new feature has been rolled out globally today and the process is still ongoing.

Another new feature that is coming to the LinkedIn services today apart from the Open Candidates feature is the Apply Starters feature. This new function allows members on the site to share their profiles with the recruiters when the application process begins with a new firm.

LinkedIn has said that about 74 percent of their candidates do nit even complete the application process which will be on the company career sites. The Apply Starters feature just basically gives recruiters a chance to encourage you to complete the form if they like your initial approach.

LinkedIn Career Pages

Another major change is the shape of the LinkedIn’s revamped Career Pages. These are corporate pages that are able to display one overview of the company’s brand, the job openings, and the work culture.

Eduardo Vivas, the head of product, talent solutions at LinkedIn said that the company’s mission was to break the walls down which have been standing between the job seekers and the recruiters. To also give companies a chance to insight and be able to attract nothing but the cream of the crop.

LinkedIn was purchased for $26 billion by Microsoft back in June and the company has released a number of significant updates since then. A new trending news feed, smart messaging system and major redesign of the flagship site are all part of it.


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