LinkedIn is a very useful platform that many of us use to find jobs while the headhunters keep searching for their needed talent for the right job here. Open Candidate is the new feature introduced in LinkedIn that will allow you to indicate to the recruiters that you are open to new job opportunities while that will be unknown to your current employer.

However, when this comes to the notice of our boss, the idea is not really helpful.But LinkedIn has a solution for this now and users can search for a new job in this platform without alerting their current boss.

Linkedin To Help You Find A New Job With The'Open Candidate' Feature
Linkedin To Help You Find A New Job With The ‘Open Candidate’ Feature

The roles you are looking for and the types of companies can be added to the profile so that recruiters can easily match your profile to offer the new job opportunities.

To activate this Open Candidate features, users are required to navigate to the preference tab under job section and then toggling on the button ‘Let’s recruiters know you are open‘ will activate the feature. Also according to the company they will block the colleagues and recruiters from your company to see that you are an open candidate. However, a determined HR person will always keep an eye on you.

This feature is already available in the mobile and web in the US, UK, Australia and Canada while other countries too will soon get the feature in near future.

Another thing is only the recruiters who have registered and paid for the LinkedIn premium will be able to see the open candidacy of yours which says that not all recruiters are able to see it and of course it maintains the privacy.

So, those desperately looking for a job change can now use the very recent open candidate feature on LinkedIn and get the satisfying job you are interested in.


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